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Get a Grip on Your Labor

Experience a smoother labor with LaborGrip

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About LaborGrip

Labor and Contraction Pain Relief Device

Experience Relief During Your Big Day

Don't let the pain of labor contractions spoil your special moment. The LaborGrip is a must-have pain management tool designed specifically for expecting mothers, ensuring you have the support and comfort you need at your fingertips.

"I had several nurse compliment me on my labor grip worked great during contractions."

Introducing LaborGrip Chat

After helping new moms since 2019...

We are proud to announce our new Pregnancy Preparation App 

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Prepare for your Labor with the LaborGrip Chat 

The Essential Pregnancy Companion App

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Talk or text with our
AI-based pregnancy coaches.

Instant Support

Discover a Variety of Learning Opportunities with the LaborGrip Chat App - Your Ultimate Pregnancy Resource

Supportive Companion

Experience the Support of a Personal Companion with the LaborGrip Chat App - Your Partner in Pregnancy and Labor.


LaborGrip Chat provides a confidential and safe space to discuss your concerns and questions about labor and delivery.

Created by a Mother of Three

Lauren Richards

The LaborGrip was created by Lauren Elizabeth Richards after her third pregnancy. Lauren has delivered three children (one boy and two girls) in the Chester County Hospital. Since the Coronavirus, Lauren has been writing about ways to have a safe pregnancy during the coronavirus. You can learn more about Lauren and her work at

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