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Embrace Comfort During Labor with LaborGrip

Smooth out labor challenges for only $15.99 – Your Companion for a More Comfortable Maternity Experience.

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"I had several nurse compliment me on my labor grip worked great during contractions."

LaborGrip – Your Essential Partner in Labor and Pregnancy


Designed for Expecting Mothers

Experience effective relief from labor contractions with LaborGrip, a vital tool for pain management and comfort. It's crafted to provide support during crucial moments, ensuring a smoother labor experience.

made for your comfort, during your pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercise

After helping new moms since 2019...

We sincerely wish you a safe and rewarding pregnancy.

Created by a Mother of Three

Lauren Richards

The LaborGrip was created by Lauren Elizabeth Richards after her third pregnancy. Lauren has delivered three children (one boy and two girls) in the Chester County Hospital. Since the Coronavirus, Lauren has been writing about ways to have a safe pregnancy during the coronavirus. You can learn more about Lauren and her work at

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Join countless mothers who've found solace in LaborGrip. Get yours today and prepare for a more comfortable labor experience.

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