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Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

Dogs are known for their keen insight into the human body. For ages now, dogs have been trained to detect and understand a wide range of human conditions. These incredible animals have been known to sniff out illness, can recognize when humans are about to have a seizure, and are known for their ability to alert us to things that we simply cannot sense. Most pet owners love their animals, but it is something extra special when a dog is able to reveal an unexpected truth. One of the more commonly suggested ideas is that dogs can tell when a woman is pregnant. In this article, we are going to discuss the truth behind this and what might actually be going on. Can Dogs Smell Pregnancy? A surprising number of women have reported the fact that their dogs seemed to know that they were pregnant before they knew themselves. Since it is such a common sentiment, it makes you wonder what exactly is going on that alerts dogs to this magical change. Many leading scientists believe that it likely has something to do with smell. Dogs are remarkable in many ways. They know us in the same way that we know them, and in some ways, they know us better. One area where dogs excel is with their incredibly sharp noses. Many believe that dogs are actually able to identify pregnant women because of their unique smell. When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormones change, and this can really stand out to dogs. Therefore, it is actually fairly likely that your canine best friend knows that something has changed.

Do Dogs Act Differently Around Pregnant Women? Pregnant pet owners often report a change in the behavior of their pets during their pregnancy. Dogs in particular seem to really have a distinct change in behavior when someone in the house becomes pregnant. Though some believe that dogs don’t necessarily understand that women are pregnant quite so much as the fact that something has changed, many women report behavior that suggests otherwise. A common theme when it comes to changing dog behavior is a new level of protectiveness. Many pregnant women have been shocked to see that their dogs suddenly become incredibly protective of them. Some report that their pets get upset when people are rambunctious around them, while others have instances where their pets physically block them from anyone getting too close. This instinct to protect a pregnant woman seems to suggest that the doggies themselves know that there is precious cargo and that their owners need to be kept safe. Conclusion Dogs have always been called man’s best friend, but pregnant women might just be the preferred group. If you notice that your doggo suddenly seems more interested in you and your belly, don’t be surprised if you later find out that you are pregnant. Though not all dogs seem to take notice of the change, it is completely possible. You might just end up with a new guard dog that is looking to protect you and your new baby!

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