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How To Get Rid of A Stress Belly

Living with high levels of stress is bad for us for many reasons, but it can also be bad for the appearance of our bodies. A “stress belly” refers to the phenomenon where our bodies begin to redistribute weight and force us to chemically crave comfort foods, ultimately resulting in weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this and help your body to recover from any stress-induced weight gain.

Lower Your Stress Levels

The best way to first begin combatting your stress belly is to first get your stress in line. Since ongoing stress will continue to make the problem worse, the last thing that you want is to allow the process to continue. There are many different ways to lower your stress levels. You might want to consider yoga, meditation, or even personal work with a therapist. Stop the stress to help your body get back in shape.

Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is incredibly important for fighting this problem specifically. On one hand, you want to get regular exercise any time you would like to be more toned or lose weight. But, that isn’t the only benefit. Regular exercise can help your body to operate more effectively and is well known for its ability to help boost mood and lower stress levels.

Eat Green Foods With B-Vitamins

B vitamins are known for their incredible ability to regulate mood. Anyone who has ever had a rough day and has taken a B-vitamin supplement knows the incredible energy lift and mood boost that these vitamins can bring. This is what makes them so valuable when it comes to overcoming a stress belly. Not only are leafy greens low in calories and high in nutrients, but they can also help balance your nerves and limit the stress hormones that your system was experiencing.

Avoid High Calorie and High-Fat Foods

High-calorie and high-fat foods are known for wreaking havoc on the human body in many different ways. However, they play a huge role in making stress bellies worse. They are known to lead to weight gain. Considering stress can cause the body to store fat, the last thing that you want to do is introduce more to your system. Low-calorie foods can help you to lose the extra belly weight and help keep you energized at the same time.


Stress bellies are not fun to deal with, but they are surprisingly easy to manage. By taking active steps to balance your mental and physical health, you can get rid of your stress belly and make moves to live a better life. Remember, in order to truly manage your stress belly, you must remove the cause, which is stress. You can always take diet steps to lose the belly, but if you manage your stress, it will continue to come back. Focus on improving your mental health, then figure out a diet and workout routine to help lose the extra weight.

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